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To be accepted for Beatport distribution you must have 6 releases at the time of application and release at least 10 releases every 6 months. If you are a label that has no market presence you will be required to distribute to all retailers in our network (iTunes, Spotify, etc) prior to your application being considered for beatport.com.

If your label meets the above requirements:

1. On your dashboard, head over to https://ssdistro.com/client/label 

2. Click on "Beatport" under the Label Approval column 

3. Download the submission form and fulfill it.

4. Send us the filled form together with a logo image of your Label with the following format: JPG, Square with a range of 500 x 500 pixels to 2900 x 2900 pixels for its size.

Create and aubmit a ticket for SINFONIASUBLIME Support at https://sinfoniasublimedistribution.tawk.help/ 

NOTE: On the subject line remember to type: "Beatport Label Approval Request" and attach the label's logo and the fulfilled form.

SINFONIASUBLIME will manage the request together with Beatport

As soon as Beatport has reviewed the request, the label will be either authorized or rejected.  

Confirmation of the process will be sent out to you via response to the ticket you created and submitted. Be sure to check the spam folder!

Important: It is mandatory to follow the process as it is described here in order to receive authorization from Beatport, otherwise the release will not be published even though a label is approved on a platform level and the platform has sent it to the channel.

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