SinfoniaSublime Distribution

Last Update a year ago

SINFONIASUBLIME is a 100% independent label services and global distribution company headquartered in Portugal, distributing music to streaming platforms such as iTunes, TIDAL, Beatport, Spotify, and many more.

SINFONIASUBLIME offers a full suite of services covering strategic marketing and release planning, publishing administration, music video distribution, sync licensing, comprehensive graphic design and a wide range of other services all with the determination of showing transparency, diversity, creativity, innovation, hard work, collaboration and direct feedback.

SINFONIASUBLIME’s main purpose is to be transparent with royalty reports and to give all clients a very personalized approach and one that is aiming to help develop and grow artists’ careers, record labels, managers, and more, by giving them the necessary tools to make it happen.

As the music industry continues to evolve and change, some music companies are staying behind on some aspects of the music industry and that’s exactly where SINFONIASUBLIME comes in and breaks the mould.

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