Artificial Streams can destroy your career

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Artificial streams are those that do not reflect real activity and that try to manipulate platforms using automated processes such as bots, scripts or even putting songs on repeat for long hours to generate more streams. This practice has been used to ignite the artist's career.

Currently, Spotify, YouTube and other digital platforms are the main sources of information about the artist and if he is well highlighted on these platforms (DSP's), it can indicate greater popularity, drawing the attention of producers and event managers, probably helping to increase the sale of their shows.

Digital platforms (DSP's) are increasingly creating new tools and increasing human resources to detect this type of streaming. 

In 2021, more than 1 million tracks were banned from digital platforms (DSP's) and royalties obtained from this illegal practice were blocked. This kind of situation can destroy an artist's career, so it has to be avoided at all costs.

Any service or marketing agency that offers a guaranteed position in playlists or guaranteed number of streams in exchange for money must not use these services or alleged marketing agencies, as it will be violating the 'Terms and Conditions' of the digital platforms (DSP's).

Spotify has prepared a practical guide for you to grow on the platform, using best practices from the music industry. Ensure your success by following the best practices path to promote your music.

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