My music is on the wrong artist!

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My music has landed on a wrong artist! What’s happening?

If you're an artist and your music ends up on a different artist profile, or if another artist’s music appears on your profile, Spotify can get that fixed for you super quick and in less than 24h you’ll get a reply.

If you have access to Spotify for Artists, you have two options for addressing these errors;

Either fill out this form and follow their instructions:

Or contact the Spotify for Artists support team and let them know that there’s music on the wrong artist profile:

Remember to include:

  1. The wrong profile URL
  2. The correct profile URL
  3. The album URL that ended up in the wrong artist

They’ll follow up quickly to get the details they need to correct the error.

You can report mismatched content if you see it live on Spotify, but it’s also easy for you to catch these errors before they’re visible to listeners: you can see upcoming releases within your Catalog in Spotify for Artists. If you notice an incorrect release there—or you don’t see a release that you were expecting—you can follow the same steps as above.

If you don’t have access to Spotify for Artists yet, then check out this article on how to get verified on Spotify and access your data and analytics.

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